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Student Blogs

Welcome to Room 41's blog.  I am hoping to have the students add to this blog.  I will start it out with the hopes that we will have time to teach the students how to use it.

Only students whose parents have signed the media waiver will be able to participate in the student blog (including any photos taken in class).  We will not use last names in our blogs and plan on occasionally using photos.  If you have any questions or concerns about our blog, please don't hesitate to ask.

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the best part of the year

the best part about this year was when we were discovering owl pellets and when we were waching the BFG on our fild trip i asked my dad if one day we could wach it again



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4th grade

I learned about drugs I am glad I learned that because I didnt know anything about it. And i was scared but glad I learned it.




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The fun fun

I had a blast when we had our Fun Run! It was on Friday,Febuary, 26 2016. I ran about 48 to 50 laps. We did it to rasie money for more ipads and school trips. I will never forget this day!





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4th grade is awsome

On Feburary 2nd we went to watch the bfg we even read the book and it was so cool and it was so awsome.have you ever multiplied decimals before because if you have'nt then i'll tell you all about it first you will have to convert the two fractions then you will multiply it then you will have your finlly answer like this 3/100 times 10/100=30/100.
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Favorite part of fourth grade

My favorte part of fourth grade was when we went to see the play Bfg on February 2nd 2016. I liked it because it was funny and it was like the book.

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Math Test

On Friday we took a math test and i loved it so much.  loved the math test so much because i love decimals. Decimals are the best that is my favorite part of the day.

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Fouth grade is the best

4th grade is the best because it is fun . I love decimals and fractions . My faviorite thing in 4th grade was fractions because it is like solving a puzzle . laugh



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4th grade is the best

I learend how to use decimal on a number line and convert fractions by using a number line and adding the fractions together.







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Math Rules and other subjects

Hi.On Feb 26th me and awesome class where learning about decimals with decimals you can rule the world.HA! Just kidding .And we where learning about poems.We read books such as birchbark house,The BFG,and Tales of a fourth grade nothing. you should read them they are great books.smiley





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