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Roger D. Gehring Elementary School
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Seed Exploration

The past couple of weeks we have been reading and learning about seeds and plants.  We read From Seed to Plant and are currently reading The Secret Life

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Johnny Appleseed

We read Johnny Appleseed for Reader's Theater a few weeks ago. All the students had the opportunity to have a part and they really loved using the microphones to read their parts.  At the end of the week, the students tried apple butter on a slice of bread. 

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This week, Ms.

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Academic Affair 11-17-2011





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I know, I know, I know....we haven't been keeping up with our BLOG! Too many reasons/excuses to list.  But here is the latest as of now.  No school for the next two days.  Have a safe and fun 4 day weekend.  Ms. Carey will be finishing up her internship/student teaching this month.  I am not quite ready to grasp that reality.  Words simply can't describe how much she has done for our students, school, and myself. 

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Happy Halloween

We had a great day today!  We had our spelling pretest on abbreviations, listened to Mr. Putter & Tabby Fly the Plane, worked with ordering numbers from least to greatest, and of course had our party! There is no homework tonight!  Enjoy family time tonight and try not to stay up too late!

Thank you to those that contributed to our Halloween party today.  We enjoyed each other's company and ate some junk food!  Check out our gallery for some fun pics!

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Trunk or Treat 10/21/2011

Friday, October 21st was Trunk or Treat at our school.  My whole family went and we decorated our trunk with pumpkins, scarecrows, and spiders.  The candy went fast.  I loved seeing all the students dressed up and enjoying themselves in such a safe and fun environment.

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This past week seemed to fly by (don't they all).  We finished EnVisions Topic 3: Subtraction Strategies.  We played a new game called "Circle and Stars" to teach arrays.  Arrays are just repeated addition and builds a foundation for multiplication. The students learned about folktales and sequencing.

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Now that we have made it through the first month of school, Ms. Carey and I have really been able to get to know the students.  We have been concentrating on differentiating instruction.  That means we are doing our best to teach each child at their level and at their learning style. This day the picture was taken, Ms.


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