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Roger D. Gehring Elementary School
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Bonnie Springs Field Trip 3-28-2012

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Our field trip to Bonnie Springs was so much fun.  It was worth all the hard work to get us there.  A very special thank you to Mrs. Mohler who chaperoned for our class with a couple days notice.  We really appreciated it.  We arrived just in time and the cowboys did a special gun safety show for us.  We broke up into groups and some of us went off to the animals while some of us explored the Old Nevada town.  The animals were so friendly.  They walked right up to the kids and wanted to eat the food that came out of the dispensers.  Poor Miss Young and a few others had a deer try and eat their shirts.  The animals were so gentle, it was like Bambi walking right up to you and letting you pet him.  The roosters were loud and we found some eggs that the hens laid.  The old west show taught the kids how in the mining days there were no women in the camps so the men had to dress up like women to act out the plays.  Then we got to witness a bank robbery and be involved in an interactive trial to decide if the robber was guilty.  Since we all saw him rob the bank, it was decided that he would be hung.  Hanging was the way that city and state law enforcement would punish criminals in the 1800s.  The cowboys showed us that it wasn't real and that the actor who played the bank robber had a safety harness on.

The kids told me that their favorite part of the trip was the mining shaft that the kids were able to walk inside.  The students felt the close quarters and the uneven floor that modeled what it was like to work in the mines.